I help with mid-Career professionals looking to change careers make more mindful choices and design a life and career that makes them happy.
— Erik Jacobson

does this sound familiar?

How much longer can I keep doing this?

Why am I not doing what I really want?

or why am I even doing this at all anymore?

You’re not alone. My name is Erik Jacobson, founder of Lulo and I work with mid-career professionals just like you looking to change careers and live a life that they love.

Designing career changes has become my passion – in fact, I’ve done it four times myself and helped countless others! You have multiple careers in you and I suspect you are here because you are ready to explore those careers.

So aside from being a career changer myself, what makes me qualified to help you? I’m a Certified Coach and I’m one of less than 100 people globally who is able to use the Designing your Life tools in my practice. I’m the only coach in the world to combine Energy Leadership and Designing your Life to create my signature program…

The Outstanding Imaginator!

The Outstanding Imaginator Program is for successful professionals asking the question, is this all there is? Two of the most common themes that emerge from surveys with people at the end of lives are: I wish I would’ve worried less and taken more risks. When we get caught in the act of doing and achieving we can lose sight that life isn’t forever – and if you don’t spend it doing it exactly what brings you happiness – you risk settling – you risk your soul. How long are you willing to wait?

I know from my own experience. I got to the point where I could no longer wait. 70 pounds overweight on antidepressants and working in a career that was no longer serving me. I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was meant for something else – I just didn’t know what. Through coaching, inner reflection and design thinking I started to be happy about my life’s journey. That’s when things started to shift in a big way. I resigned from my corporate position and became a fundraiser for an organization whose mission I am deeply passionate about. I climbed a mountain! I started Lulo, and most importantly, I found genuine happiness.

So what are YOU waiting for? For the kids to be out of the house? Maybe to accumulate more money in the bank? Perhaps it’s a milestone birthday.

I’m grateful that you've made it to Lulo's website and I would love to have a conversation about your unique journey and how we can design a life and career that makes you happy, now.

And don’t forget. You are worth it!

This is modern career management:

Energy and design thinking